Akiba Collagen Ichigo おいしく飲めて”つるっぷるっ”実感! 続けられるコラーゲン
Proteoglycan, one of compositions of the “Akiba Collagen ICHIGO," is highlighted in parallel with collagen and hyaluronic acid as a beauty component that supports keeping skin in wet and soft. It was a rare ingredient that cost 30 million yen per 1g at the early development stage then. On the other hand, years of research and improvements on its extraction technology enables to get used as the ingredient to produce supplements and cosmetics.
The majority of proteoglycan is made from nasal cartilage of salmon. It implies animals are instinctively aware of the importance of proteoglycan because bears love to eat the proteoglycan-rich part of its nasal cartilage when hunting salmons before hibernation.Proteoglycan is contained in the cartilage of salmons and chickens but is perceived having a disadvantage which is weak against heat enough to decompose during cooking. After all, supplements are recommended for effective ingestion of proteoglycan every single day.
Proteoglycan, which has more moisture holding ability by 130% than that of hyaluronic acid, plays the role of keeping water and nutrients existing between collagen fibers. Proteoglycan has an effect like EGF acting as a water bag to make skin transparent and youthful, and is a fantastic component to produce new cells by means of the EGF-like effect.It provides resilience and hydration to skin, keeps skin fine and helps close the pores of skin. Comparing skin to a wall of house, collagen works as the post while elastin does as the wall to combine the posts.Then, the additional presence of proteoglycan leads to fine, dense, and healthy skin in synergy.
he baby skin is generally pretty elastic, well-hydrated, resilient, fine and smooth at the same time. On the other hand, most of the late twenties start worrying about something like sagging, gradually-increasing spots and wrinkles on the skin. Nobody can avoid the dehydration and decline in metabolism of the skin with ages that may cause the dwindling of regenerative power resulting in dullness of the skin. It is essential to have the "outstanding moisture holding ability" and the "high density of the skin," so that the youthful condition can be maintained keeping its resilience and elasticity in good.
The EGF-like effect supports the restructuring of epidermis (new cells) by means of accelerating the metabolism and regulating the turnover.

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